Dynamic Warm Up Drills

The perfect warm-up for fighters

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The perfect warm-up for fighters

The dynamic fighting drills are the perfect warm-up for all fighters. It covers every important area of an effective warm-up - no matter which system you are training in.

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A workout for body and mind

Martial arts and self-defense systems require a well-adjusted mindset. In addition to the physical preparation, the dynamic warm-up drills serve as the perfect stimulation for your mind and senses.

Boosts the fighting spirit

A lot of people disregard the importance of the fighting spirit in training neglecting the fact, that it can be a decisive factor when it comes to critical moments in competitions or self-defense situations. By simulating combat situations, the dynamic drills automatically call up your fighting spirit, which can give you the crucial edge when push comes to shove.


Create the emotional basis for real life situations and attacks

Simulating these combat situations also arouses emotions similar to those of actual confrontations. You will learn how to deal with psychological stress. The drills also help to remove fears of physical contact, often an issue especially with newcomers and beginners. As a result you will keep a cool head and be perfectly prepared for dangerous situations.

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For all types of martial arts and combat sports

The highly effective drills are the perfect emotional and physical preparation – no matter if you are a martial artist or training for self-defense.

Boost your fitness, stability and effectiveness

An important part of all self-defense, martial arts and combat sports systems is physical fitness. A solid platform as well as body position and posture are essential. The drills cover all these aspects and improve your effectiveness. As a result your body will be able to handle and control the unique movement patterns and motions.

  • Jürgen Schaffrath
    Jürgen Schaffrath

    Head coach of KAPAP-Academy Europe
    Officer-in-charge of several special units